Swain Ski Patrol

Genesee Valley Region | Eastern Division | National Ski Patrol

Early Registration

Instructions for Registration
for Swain On-The-Hill (OTH)

DATE: Sept 24 2017
TIME: Registration 8:30am
First Session starting promptly at 9:00am.

NOTE : If you are attending another on-the-hill you are still required to complete all these steps.


    1. Confirm you are returning to patrol this season hereDUE IMMEDIATELY – registration and dues payments process is changing so this is a necessary step.
    2. Benefits and Time request for schedule are due by September 12, complete yours today.
    3. Roster Verification, details.  If these are not correct submit new information.  When complete download the roster
    4. Refresher Choice: choose one here.  You may also have to do this again if the region requests it.  More to follow.
    5. REGISTER FOR REFRESHER – new step that must be done.  Go to NSP.org, login, click “members resources” menu , go to menu on the right “course schedule” and search course number: E271170007 and click on ORC Refresher A (2017-2018)  and register.   If you are an IT or Instructor you have a different course number, search [NOT YET RECEIVED] to locate correct course.
    6. Hybrid Course – the region will require the hybrid online class to be completed before the refresher.  More info available.
    7. NSP Web site, log to your account along top of right screen.  Once logged in click on [Hi, YOUR_NAME] next to where you logged in. Check and update your personal information by clicking on PENCIL ICON right of screen.    Let me know if you have issues.
    8. CPR – If you have taken Professional CPR with AED SINCE 5/1 of current year please send a copy of your card to Tom Wallin. If it was taken before that date you will need to retake the class. You are required to renew every year and it must be valid through the end of the season. If you are taking one of the Swain sponsored classes from Maggie you will be checked off, If you are taking it elsewhere YOU need to show or leave a photocopy BEFORE you can sign in for duty the first time.
    9. LOCAL SWAIN DUES – Make out a check for $25.00 to “Swain Ski Patrol” and mail to Glenn Gebhard before September 24, 2017
      Swain Ski Patrol
      C/O Glenn Gebhard
      2444 State Route 244
      Belmont, NY 14813
    10. NATIONAL/DIVISION/REGION DUES — will be paid online at NSP.org.    National $55.00, Division $17.00 and Region $10.00 (2017-2018 PRICE)
      Watch for email from NSP.org and then follow these steps:
      Paying your dues online

      1. Sign into the National Ski Patrol website (nsp.org) using your NSP number and password.
      2. Once signed in look at the top of the page. You should see, “sign out”, “hi (your name)”, and “cart”. CLICK  “Hi (your_name)”. This will direct you to your profile page.
      3. Once on the profile page scroll down and look along the left side of the page for a blue box labeled “Renew Now”, CLICK IT. This will direct you to the shopping cart page.
      4. On the shopping cart page you will see listed under Invoices a line item that contains, Renewal Fee, your name, $82.00, and Pay later. Pay later is not a payment option. If you click pay later it will clear your cart and you will have to start over. Below that you will see cart charges with a grand total of $82.00.
      5. There are three ways to pay, Check, PayPal, or Credit card. If you want to pay by check print the shopping cart page (the page you are currently on) and mail it and an $82 check payable to “National Ski Patrol” to: National Ski Patrol, 133 South Van Gordon Street, Suite 100, Lakewood, CO 80228. If you choose to pay with your credit card or PayPal select the preferred payment method, fill in the required information and CLICK the blue box labeled “submit order” at the bottom of the page. This will direct you to the Order Confirmation Page.
      6. You are now on the Order Confirmation Page. An order confirmation will be e-mail to the e-mail address NSP has on record for you. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see what that address is. If you want a copy sent to another e-mail address, enter that address in the “send another copy to” box and CLICK send.


  1. Current OEC book
  2. First Aid Pack with supplies
  4. CPR MASK and $25 (maybe different amt -check day before refresher) cash for  CPR /AED refresher. 


    1. Let  Tom and know ASAP.
    2. Find Dates of other OTH’s
    3. Call or email the Patrol Representative from the area you are able to attend to obtain permission and have theAlternateRefresherForm completed and return to Tom Wallin with-in 1 week of OTH you attended.
    4. Please return all forms requested to:
      Swain Ski Patrol
      C/O Tom Wallin
      400 Genesee Street
      Avon, NY 14414
    5. GO TO NSP.ORG AND PAY DUES AND ALSO Mail $25 for region/local Dues Check/Money Order made out to Swain Ski Patrol:
      Swain Ski Patrol
      C/O Glenn Gebhard
      2444 State Route 244
      Belmont, NY 14813